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Food attracts people of all ages and type. Enjoying different varieties of food is mouth warrant watering experience, and people love to taste varieties,especially when they travel. If you are a foodie and love trying new tastes and recipes no doubt you would visit different places in search of classy food.

singaporean restaurant food blogger

Here is an interesting write up about a singaporean restaurant food blogger. Read and enjoy this Singapore good and travel guide. Cooking is more an art than science. Cooking fascinated CR as he grew up, and he had great ideas which he implemented in his kitchen. Later all these kitchen adventures took into his blog to inspire others to cook and enjoy different food with their loved ones.

What the blog has for you?

The blog has a vast collection of varieties of recipes which are exciting and delicious. You have recipes of sweets, vegan, salads, bakery, pastry, drinks, festive specials, pasta and grains and a lot more. Some of them are easy, while some need a great deal.

Most of the recipes are restaurant style recipes, and you would love tasting them. You also get a detailed review of each of these restaurant-style recipes, which makes your job easy. The blog also contains articles about different hotels and restaurants which offer a luxurious stay for their customers. So by visiting this food and travel blog, you can know more about different types of restaurant style foods and about luxurious hotels in various places where you can enjoy a pleasant stay with tasty food.